Extreme Indoor Kart Racing with the Firebirds

Come to the EIKR track in Clio for some high speed action. If you think you got what it takes, or you have a need for speed, join us for some thrilling racing. We accept all drivers of all driving abilities.

Here you will drive go-karts with five horsepower motors that can take turns up to a full g, traveling at 30+ mph. You will be on a team of up to 4 people that will share a kart for 2 hours. You can't get this type of racing for free anywhere else.

Firebirds Autocross

Come to Auto City Speedway for our Autocross!

Here you have the opportunity to ride along with people who love to drive their slow cars fast and their fast cars even faster. You can also drive your own car. If you've never pushed your car to the limits at least once, this is an excellent (and safe) opportunity to learn the limits of your car and how to handle your car.