PACE CD-Adapco Technical Seminar

Are you interested in: Physics, Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Li-Ion Batteries), or Mechanical Engineering (Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, or CFD)?

If so, please come to this seminar and see what the capabilities of the CD-Adapco Software Suite are and how the software can assist you in your work.

First 40 people get free lunch!

Roadrunners Track Meet

The Roadrunners Track Meet is a meet involving multiple running events, including individual events and relays. The event is free, and food will be provided to all runners! To sign up, message Jake Fairbairn ( with the events you are interested in running.

5k Relay
10k Relay

Relay Info:
-Up to 5 people per relay team
-The distance can be split however the team wants among the teammates

SAC Bulldog Insights: Norm Szydlowski

Join the Student Alumni Council for their last Bulldog Insights Alumni Speaker this term.  Norm Szydlowski '74 will be speaking about his experience as Senior Consultant to the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.  Norm led a team of experts from various countries in rebuilding and developing Iraq's oil industry.  His talk is titled: "Iraq - Engineers Rebuilding the Energy Infrastructure (while dodging bullets)."

Come to 2-225 AB on Wednesday, September 9 during the lunch hour.  Food will be provided.

The Physics of Relativistic Particles: A Geometrical Approach - Part 1

During this seminar, a geometrical representation of Newtonian kinematics is introduced and employed to solve standard physical problems such as the elastic collision of two particles. In this representation, Dr. Hernandez will show that the usual theorems of Euclidean geometry are equivalent to the conservation laws of Newtonian mechanics.

The Physics of Relativistic Particles: A Geometrical Approach - Part 2

During this seminar, the geometrical representation from part 1 of this lecture will be extended to account for Einstein's postulates of relativity theory adopting a hyperbolic geometry. Euclidean and hyperbolic geometries will also be shown to be related in the same way as non-relativistic and relativistic mechanics.

The applications discussed will include particle physics, the foundation of quantum mechanics and astrophysics.