Speaker Series - Biogas Production and Separation by Steven Nartker and Jennifer Aurandt

Biogas is created through the microbial breakdown of organic material in the absence of oxygen.  The biogas created can be used to create renewable natural gas upon separation of methane from carbon dioxide and other trace constituents.  Stemming from a grant from the Department of Energy and the Michigan Economic Development Agency the North American Advanced Biogas

Speaker Series - Power Electronics Solution for Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy by Kevin Bai

Power electronics is an electrical engineering branch employing solid switch to realize the energy transformation and transfer. As a typical interdisciplinary course, power electronics is widely used in many major industrial applications, e.g., motor drive system, electric vehicle, solar/wind energy, LED lighting systems, power supply, battery management system, smart grid, etc.

Speaker Series - Turning East: Reflections on China's Rise by Ezekiel Gebissa

After a decade of war and certainly after the Great Recession of 2008, the triumphal optimism of the 1990s has given way to concerns about America’s decline. The rise of China will undoubtedly be one of the great dramas of the twenty-first century but how it will be played out is far from clear. In what ways is China rising? What factors support its rise, and what factors constrain or limit it? What does China’s rise mean for China, for the rest of the world and for the US?