Want to win $250? Compete at Text Wars!

Come to BJ's Lounge on Wednesday, Feb. 25 beginning at 8 p.m. to compete in Text Wars for your chance to win $250. Don't forget your cell phone!

"Text Wars is a 75 minute game show hosted by comedians. In Text Wars, audience members casually compete for cash prizes, as the hosts test their “college life” knowledge with trivia questions. When contestants think they might know an answer, they text it in."

Wings Night

Join Kettering Student Government for our bi-annual wings night at Buffalo Wild Wings on Linden Rd. ~FREE BONELESS WINGS~

**Bring your student ID**

This event is open to anyone from Kettering who loves free chicken.

Rec Party Lock-In

Join NSBE at our Rec Party Lock-In!

There will be:

3v3 Basketball Tournament with a Prize.
5v5 Dodgeball Tournament with a Prize.
Live Performances

All for the low price of $5

Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire Arrays by Macroscopic Galvanic Cell-Driven Metal Catalyzed Electroless Etching in Aerated HF Solution

Third Wednesday at 12:25 pm
Cribathon 2-225
Lunch will be provided

Metal assisted chemical etching (MACE) for SiNWs fabrication is presently a widely employed top-down nanofabrication approach for SiNWs and other Si nanostructures due to its simplicity and scalability. Oxygen, which is ubiquitous in the earth's atmosphere, is an environmentally friendly and strong oxidizing agent. However, the fabrication of SiNWs using MACE process with oxygen as oxidizing agent has never been realized, because of the lack of underlying corrosion mechanism.