BUC General Meeting

BUC involves spreading cultural awareness and acknowleding diversities among members. The objective of BUC is to unify in order to strengthen the community, address political, social, and economic issues that students may face, and to fellowship with other like-minded students. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Karting Event

An endurance go-kart competition held at the end of every term. The event is hosted by Extreme Indoor
Kart Racing in Clio, MI and allows students to form teams and compete against each other over a 2 hour
endurance race.

Firebirds Meeting #8

The Firebirds Car Club is intended for anyone with a passion for cars or to learn about cars. All makes and models of cars are welcome, as well as those without a car. Events such as auto crossing, drag racing, closed course road racing, and go karting take place frequently. For the most up-to-date information, please email ketteringfirebirds@gmail.com if you are not currently receiving emails.