Women's Health Q&A's

As women, we have unique health issues that often require special screening tests and procedures. What screenings or procedures do you need?

Please join the Wellness Center and the Genesee County Health Department in the Women's Resource Center for lunch to discuss women’s health screenings and to ask general questions about women’s health, issues, birth control, pregnancy, etc....

Big Term Dance

Snacks and Beverages served at 2:30 p.m.
1 Hour Dance Lesson with Terri at 4:00 p.m.

Big Term Dance is Dance Club's termly tradition of a weekend dance full of friends, music, and dancing! It's just like a regular week of dance club, but even better :)

National Mental Health Month

Over the course of a year, one in five adults will experience a mental illness, yet less than half will receive treatment.

Despite great strides in our understanding of mental illness and vast improvements in the dialogue surrounding it, too many still suffer in silence. Please join the Wellness Center in the Great Court to bring forth awareness and education regarding mental health.