Evan Tucker

Vice President

What activities are/were you involved in at Kettering and in high school? (list academic year, as well as any positions you may have held in any organization)

Kettering University

-Phi Delta Theta Fraternity: Recruitment Chairman, Treasurer in Training, Assistant Recruitment Chairman, Executive Committee Recording Secretary, Phikeia Class President

-Kettering Student Government, Finance Council: Administrative and Communications Assets Manager

-Kettering University Board of Trustees Subcommittee on Student Life: Student Representative

Non-Kettering Activities

-Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout (13 years as a youth, 2 years as adult leader): Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Instructor

-Order of the Arrow, Vigil Honoree (6 years involvement): Lodge Treasurer, Chapter Secretary and Treasurer, Chapter Ceremony Chairman

-Pit Orchestra (2 years): Auxiliary Percussionist

-Concert Band (7 years): Percussion Section Leader

-Marching Band (3 years): Pit Percussion Section Leader

-Winter Percussion (2 years): Pit Percussion Section Leader

What is the one trait you want people to know you for?

To do what must be done.  I am not afraid to do the things that need to be done, to make the difficult decisions, and to take a stand for what I believe to be right. 

What is your favorite quote/saying(s)?

“To do what ought to be done, but would not have been done unless I did it, I thought to be my duty” –Mr. Robert Morrison

The above quote is known as Morrison’s Guiding Principle by members of Phi Delta Theta.  Morrison was the principle founder of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and his words have guided man to the moon and back.

What do you think can be improved at Kettering and what steps will you take to accomplish this improvement?

A Vice President is traditionally responsible for the internal operations of an organization.  This is an area of KSG that I see as the foundation for the success of the organization.  Without a sturdy structure for representatives to follow, the group can never get off the ground.  I plan to investigate all branches of KSG, ensuring that all of its members are truly representative of student interest and concerns. 

What has been your biggest success and failure? What have you learned from them?

I consider the completion of my Eagle Scout Project to be my greatest success.  Throughout the process of obtaining the Eagle rank, I learned invaluable knowledge about coordination of people and resources, time management, event planning, fund raising, the bureaucratic process, and most importantly leadership.

A great failure is something I have difficult time nailing down.  Like everyone, my life is fraught with daily failures.  However there are very few I would consider truly great.  One that comes to mind is the falling through of an epic trip which would have been truly memorable.  My fraternity brothers and I had planned on taking a trip down to Chicago and doing a slew of exciting and memorable activities, but due to a lack of commitment from members, the trip was scrapped.  From this, I learned the value of persistence in time sensitive situations.

What is your motivation for wanting to represent the student body via Student Senate?

I believe that there are issues within KSG that must be addressed and the most effective way to improve the functionality of KSG is to work directly on these topics as a part of Student Senate.  Tackling these operational obstacles will allows Student Senate to better represent and serve the Kettering student body.