Chapter Roster Instructions

Please read and follow these instructions when filling out your chapter’s roster

  1. Open the chapter roster template file attached to the e-mail. Then save the excel document to your computer as Chapter initials + term + year (ABCWinter11). Remember to save the file and send this version back; don’t send the original template back to the Greek Life Office.
  2. Click the word “Chapter” and use the provided dropdown menu to select your chapter. Select Current Term, Year and Section and use the provided dropdown menus to choose the appropriate year.
  3. Complete the required chapter specific information in the Grey Area. House Address (Physical Address), House Phone #, Chapter Website (current version).
  4. Chapter Advisor (if your chapter has more than one please lists the names and contact info of all advisors for your chapter at the bottom of the Chapter Roster); Academic Advisor (should be a current faculty or staff member at Kettering).
  5. Housing Corporation – Please list the official corporate name, current Housing Corp. President or other official contact, and their phone # and e-mail.
  6. Alumni Chapter/Club or Advisory board (depending on chapter structure). If your chapter has an alumni group separate from the Housing Corporation please list the primary contact person for this organization with phone # and e-mail address. (There may be multiple contacts for this position, just choose the highest ranking/most visible person)
  7. Fill in all columns for all returning active members of the chapter, new members (those who were Associates/Pledges from the previous term) and any new pledges (currently going through an initiation process). They should be listed, in alphabetical order, by last name below their proper designated areas.
  8. Remember to save your work before you send the roster back to Greek Life. Incomplete rosters will not be accepted. If you have any questions or are confused about something, PLEASE call me, so we can get the rosters right the first time, (810) 762-9743. Thank you.