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Project Agreement


The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) must be contacted prior to executing a Project Agreement, Appendix A, Amendment to Appendix A, or Lab Usage Agreement to receive an agreement number.

The project agreement includes the following:

  • States the general terms of the contract.
  • Project Agreement Number must be included as provided by the OSR.
  • Must be executed in conjunction with an Appendix A.
  • Can represent more than one Appendix A only if the the P.I. remains unchanged and the topic area is similiar.  For example, if a Project Agreement and Appendix A is executed and the company requests the PI to conduct additional research in the same topic area but doing so requires additional funding, extension of time, and/or a new Statement of Work, only a new Appendix A needs to be executed; a new Project Agreement is not necessary.
  • Must be signed by authorized signator at the company and Kettering.  Submit to the OSR to obtain Provost signature.