Parent Binder Welcome

Dear Kettering Families:

Welcome to Kettering!  We are delighted to have you and your student join our community—one dedicated to all our students’ success: in the classroom, the work place, and in their home communities.  University life has the potential to transform adolescents into independent, self-sufficient, productive adults.  We recognize that the university experience is truly a family one and we invite you to join us in our work to facilitate your student’s successful transition into adulthood and the professions.  As we strive to help students grow—academically, personally, and professionally—we aspire to make you full partners in our efforts to educate and prepare your student to make a difference in their world.  This partnership, between you, your student, and Kettering—makes possible the fulfillment of your hopes for your student, and ours.

This Parent’s Notebook provides parents with lots of information about life at Kettering for new students.  (If we’ve overlooked an important topic, let us know!)  As your student progresses, we will provide additional information so that parents remain fully informed about Kettering and what we have to offer—in the classroom, and outside of it.  We advise students to get involved as soon as they arrive on campus and we extend that counsel to you.  Doing so will enrich your student’s Kettering experience, as well as yours. 

We consider it a privilege to educate our students and to get to know their families.  We look forward to our association with you and your student; one we hope will be rich and fruitful throughout your student’s university years, and throughout their life.

Best wishes,

Betsy Homsher

Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students