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Member Resources

WKUF Handbook - PDF to print

The WKUF Handbook contains all procedures, policies, rules, and regulations by WKUF, Kettering University, and/or the FCC. All on air hosts must be familiar with the material inside this document.

DJ Waiver Agreement -  PDF to fill out

The DJ Waiver Agreement certifies that you, the show host, have read and understood all terms, rules, and regulations within the WKUF handbook. The document also states that any fines charged to the station on your behalf will be your responsibility to pay.

Show Request Form 

Member Contact Information Sheet - PDF to fill out

The Member Contact Information Sheet should be completed prior to you joining WKUF and/or broadcasting a show. This form will be filed in your folder and updated quarterly.

Media Release Agreement - PDF to fill out

This form must be signed by anyone outside of WKUF to protect the station from lawsuits by using recordings from guests. When conducting an in-person interview, the person being interviewed (provided they are not WKUF staff) must sign this form which allows the station to freely use the recorded material from that person.

Show Review Form -  PDF to fill out

Underwriting Agreement
This form must be completed and submitted to WKUF with any underwriting payment.

The Show Review Form is to be submitted monthly at the DJ meeting, by all shows currently on the air. Show hosts are to review four different shows during the week, rate it using the form, and

make the necessary comments, i.e. content and were the rules followed. Do not review your own show, an automated hour, or the same show twice.

CD Review Form - PDF to fill out

The CD Review Form is required to be submitted with new CDs and/or music. Using the key legend on the sheet, the reviewer is required to preview each song in its entirety and record the song name, artist name, and track length.

Phone and Delay System Information - PDF to print

This contains the information about how the phone and delay system works and the steps needed to operate them.

Program Log - PDF to print

Sheet - PDF to print

Music Company Form - PDF to fill out

Fundraising Company Form - PDF to fill out

Background Checks- PDF

Submit News- PDF

Pledge Form- PDF