LITE Mentors

Each year, we recruit Kettering undergraduate women to mentor LITE Program participants. They're a lot like you. They love math and science. And, they plan to make a difference in the real world by pursuing engineering careers in a wide variety of industries.

They also like to share their experiences with others. Here's what some of 2006 mentors had to say about LITE...

"The most rewarding aspect of being a LITE mentor is the special 'big sister' bonds that form."

"Changing the minds of women that engineering is the way to go and Kettering is a great path."

"I was able to connect to the participants and explain that the concepts taught in class are truly used in real life. It was great to meet so many young women who love to learn!"

"The LITE weeks have been the best two weeks of my summer and it was amazing to be involved! It was awesome at the end of the program to hear the participants say that they are now considering engineering."

LITE mentors will contact participants as soon as our acceptance letters go out, and keep in touch with them until the program begins in mid-July. They'll provide information about what to pack, and what to expect. Once LITE begins, participants and mentors will really get to know each other and many friendships will persist long after the LITE Program ends.

If you'd like to contact a LITE mentor, please let us know. Email us at and we'll put you in touch with one of our students.