LITE Faculty and Courses

Dr. Pat Atkinson & Dr. Theresa Atkinson, Biomechanics

The Doctors Atkinson-husband and wife-teach biomechanics, the study of the mechanics of a living body. In their classes and labs, you'll learn why our bones and muscles take their particular shapes and how gravity impacts skeletal structures. Why is something so simple as walking, actually complex? You'll find the answer to this and many other questions about the mechanics of human bodies in fun and interactive classes and labs taught by the Atkinsons.

 Dr. Pat Atkinson

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Biomechanics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tel: (810) 762-9515

Dr. Theresa Atkinson

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Biomechanics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tel: (810) 762-9515

Dr. Janet Brelin-Fornari, Dr. Dan Ludwigsen and Sheryl Janca, Vehicle Collision Analysis and Occupant Protection

Drs. Fornari and Ludwigsen will introduce you to the principles of vehicle collision analysis and why engineers analyze collisions. You'll also learn about occupant protection and how drivers and passengers interact with vehicle safety systems during a collision. You'll learn why understanding occupant motion is crucial to designing cars and trucks that minimize trauma to occupants and how engineers integrate safety systems into auto designs. LITE participants will go to a local salvage yard to analyze the effectiveness of safety systems through collision analysis.

Dr. Janet Brelin-Fornari

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Accident Reconstruction
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tel: (810) 762-7843 

Dr. Dan Ludwigsen

Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Tel: (810) 762-7488

Sheryl Janca 

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Tel: (810) 762-9709

Dr. Stacy Seeley & Dr. Ali Zand , Biochemistry

Drs. Seeley and Zand will introduce you to the basics of biochemistry, including the four main types of biomolecules: proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. You'll get a hands-on appreciation for these molecules in the laboratory, where you'll isolate fat from potato chips, perform an immunoassay, and run DNA fingerprinting gel electrophoresis to solve a fictitious crime. 

Dr. Stacy Seeley

Associate Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry
Department of Science & Mathematics
Tel: (810) 762-9561

Dr. Ali Zand 

Professor of Chemistry 
Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry
Tel: (810) 762-7971

Dr. Terri Lynch-Caris and Dr. Justin Young, Engineering for a Sustainable Society

The "Engineering for a Sustainable Society" course will focus on the need to reduce the negative environmental impact of common products through their redesign. The course includes a discussion on the ethical perspective and need for environmental concerns. Finally, the business case for "going green" will be demonstrated through relevant case studies and a field trip to a Ford production facility.

Dr. Terri Lynch-Caris

Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering 
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Tel: (810) 762-9859

Dr. Justin Young 

Graduate Faculty, Industrial Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering
Tel: (810) 762-7951


Betsy Homsher
Dean of Students
(810) 762-9540

Deborah Stewart
Program Director
(810) 762-9679

Katie Bosio 
Director of Residence Life
(810) 762-9537

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