LITE Program Donors

Thank you for your generous support of Kettering University's Lives Improve Through Engineering Program. Through your financial contributions, we are able to encourage young women to pursue careers in math, science and engineering.

Daniel T. ’78 and Kathryn B.’80 Astbury
Jane E. Boon '90 and Norman Pearlstine
Cheryl Bowman ‘02
Janet M. ’82 and Robert D. ’82 Carpenter
Diane K. Conley
Carolyn C. Cook ‘85
Rhonda Jean Eldridge ‘89
Douglas B.’78 and Mary E. ’79 Fitch
Judith Fletcher Judson ‘96
Tonya D. Goodier ‘80
Jacqueline Y. Hall-Keith, Esq. ‘76
Sherri H. Harrington ‘94
Rose A. Herrmann ‘78
Judith K. Howald
Cheryl L. Jennings ‘81
Marci L. McGuire ‘96
Julia A. McPherson ‘81
Carla L. Montoya ‘83
Amber N. Paxton
Sharon K. Phillips ‘83
Cassandra A. Piippo ‘04
Barbara J. Smith ‘81
Laura L. Sullivan
Sheila Temple
Patricia A. Weber ‘79
Elaine N. Williams ‘77

Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation
Biomet Foundation, Inc.
Carls Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
General Motors Foundation
Guidant Foundation
Lyn St. James Foundation
Michigan Women’s Foundation
James A. Welch Foundation

"The Michigan Women's Foundation is the only state-wide foundation specifically dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. MWF has been a powerful force for change since 1986, helping women of all ages overcome disadvantages, learn new skills and reach their full potential. More than $3 million has been allocated to more than 300 non profit organizations for high-impact grants and programs."