Dear Parents:

As the holidays approach and our days get shorter, we occasionally see an increase in crimes of opportunity (particularly robbery and burglary) in the neighborhoods around the University.  Students, who typically own a lot of electronic equipment (like laptops, tv's, and gaming systems), may unwittingly become targets of these crimes.  

We work hard to protect our students and their possessions. The University campus is a very safe environment in which our students both live and work; however, we need their help, and yours, to help make the larger community as safe as possible for them.  

We recently sent an email to all students, reminding them to review the safety recommendations published by the University and to take steps to secure themselves and their property, especially over the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and end-of-year holidays.  Students who reside off-campus need to be particularly mindful about safety, especially if they plan to spend the holiday away from their rental units.  We would especially recommend that if your son or daughter lives in an off-campus rental housing unit, you stress to them the importance of insisting that their landlord immediately remove all permanently affixed rental signs from their house. The practice of placing permanent rental signage on houses marketed to students is unfortunately fairly common, but it is a violation of building codes, and more importantly, it places the occupants at higher risk by identifying them as students. Your students have a right to insist that these signs be removed, and we strongly encourage they (and you) insist that they are.

Please take a few minutes to review our safety precautions and encourage your sons and daughters to follow them. Working together, we can improve safety and security for all members of the Kettering community. 


Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Betsy Homsher

Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students


Jim Benford

Chief of Campus Safety