Student Senate Meeting Minutes 

Week 1 (Jan 16, 2014)


Meeting begins 12:30pm. 

  • Roll Call - All Present


I. Officer Reports

President - Ryan Neph

  • Senior Representative Application and Appointment   

-Applications made available 1st Friday

-Applications due 3rd Monday

                -Candidate consideration and Senate appointment 3rd Thursday

  • Constitution amendments approved. Further amendments made (pending A section approval)
  • Accountability System


Vice President - Evan Tucker

Committee Appointments:

  • Campus Engagement and Programming
  1. George/Andrew McAllan (Junior Rep)
  2. Jerry Brown-Lacy (Multicultural Rep)*
  3. Nathan Waters (Finance Rep)
  4. Jen Gmerek (Ops Rep)
  5. Shayne Bauger (Academics Rep)
  6. Other
  • Campus Improvement and Advancement
  1. Senior Rep
  2. Daniella Mayoral (Junior Rep)*
  3. Jacob Oliver (Sophomore Rep)
  4. Chris Lafayette (Finance Rep)
  5. David Butler (Ops Rep)
  6. Zachary Piteo (Academics Rep)
  7. Other
  • Health/Safety/Food Service
  1. Senior Rep
  2. Charlie Swett (Sophomore Rep)* --- Committee Head
  3. Zach Goodman (Freshman Rep)
  4. Mike Morateck (Finance Rep)
  5. Andrew Philp (Ops Rep)
  6. Andrew Mazzola (Academics Rep)
  7. Other
  8. Multicultural Involvement
  • Multicultural Involvement
  1. Muhammad Ahsan Ghias (Multicultural Rep)*
  2. Ninad Ahmed( Freshman Rep)
  3. Kim Marquette (Finance Rep)
  4. Mallika Wadhawan (Ops Rep)
  5. Kiran Vekaria (Academics Rep)
  6. Other
  • Council heads need to be established as well as a mission statement and goals for the term by next meeting.

Administrator - Hunter Casbeer

  • Previous term meeting minutes will be distributed.
  • I am working on posting KSG meeting minutes on the Kettering website.
  • Any documents associate with Senate will be stored on Google Drive.
  • Officer and committee reports need to be emailed to me before each meeting.


II. Committee Reports

  • No Report


III. Individual Reports

Senior Representatives - Vacant

  • No report.

Junior Representatives - Daniella Mayoral & Andrew McAllan

  • No report.

Sophomore Representatives - Charlie Swett & Jacob Oliver

  • No report.

Freshman Representatives - Ninad Ahmed & Zach Goodman

  • No report.

Multicultural Representatives - Jerry Brown-Lacy & Muhammad Ghias

  • No report.


IV. Council Reports

Academic Council – Aaron Hoffman

  • Two forums planned:

-Student Faculty Forum 3rd Week Tuesday in the Cribathon.

-Financial Literacy Presentation with Financial Aid. Meeting time TBD.


Finance Council – Jennifer Rellinger

  • Battle of the Bucks for $5,000. Forms due 2nd Week Friday


Operations Council – Elizabeth McLean

  • Trivia Night in BJs Lounge 2nd Week Thursday at 8pm
  • Another Trivia Night is set for 4th week.
  • Operations Council is now in charge of the Laser Tag Club; event tentatively set for Feb 28.
  • Wings Night date is not figured out yet.  Only two days were given to work with.
  • Working on ideas for more programing in BJs Lounge.  If you have any ideas, let Liz or anyone on Operations Council know

V. Adviser - Debbie Stewart

  • Put planned events on the calendar.  Right-hand of the Current Students page shows instructions on how do so. 
  • Events have to be on the calendar by 2nd Friday.

VI. Guest Reports

Alan Xia

  • Dr Lutz will be at Kettering in February for a lecture on leadership.
  • Help will be needed.
  • More information to come.


VII. New Business

  • No report.


10 minute break for discussion among committees.

Again meeting times, mission statements and goals needed by next meeting.

Meeting adjourns 12:57pm




Section 1: A  strike based system will be utilized by all branches with strike given out and tracked by each branch executive head. All strikes shall presented by the issuing head to the executive board for unanimous approval. If a strike is approved, the receiving member shall be notified at the next meeting and has a one week grace period to refute said strike.

If any council members feel a strike should be brought against a branch head, they should notify the appointed advisor for KSG in a timely manner.

Section 2: All strikes will carry over between terms, and the following all exemplify scenarios in which a KSG member would accrue one strike:

  • Unexcused absence (less than 24 hours notice to branch head)
  • Regularly missing a KSG meeting for another club or organization meeting falls under this description
  • Failure to follow through with an assigned duty within the assigned time frame
  • Failure to complete turnover responsibility
  • Unethical action

Section 3: All students are allowed excused absences for academically based reasons such as common hour exams. Due to the fact that conflicts of this nature are published more than 24 hours in advance, members should still report these absences at least 24 hours before a meeting.

Section 4: In the instance of an emergency or tragedy, students will not be accountable for related absences.

Section 5: After two strikes are accrued, the member will be put on probation and will be required to meet with the Executive Board to discuss and develop a plan of action to ensure a third strike is not accrued. Should a member accrue three strikes, they will be removed from their position and the position will be filled as per Article XI.