Academic Council Meeting Minutes

Jan. 28th 2014


Student Faculty Forum

  • Hosted by Academic council and lead by Aaron Hoffman (director of AC) and Terri Lynch-Caris (director of CETL)


  • Ground rules 
  • Academic Council and CETL information

What makes a student excel academically?

  • Deep learning
  • Adaptive/lifelong learning


How do we create culture of ethical learning?

  • Fact: Do not use an old exam to study w/o asking teacher


Open Discussion

  • Is using of cribs “unauthorized” or is it okay to use them still to be responsible for their own grades?
  • What is the ethics of solution manuals?

-For homework, it can help understanding

-To take the first step, jumping to the solution is not the answer if done every time

-Help sessions instead of office hours for immediate feedback from faculty

  • Study guides eliminate need for cribs, while increasing learning
  • Student let honor board

-Student form own honor code

-Development of an honor/ethics council in KSG