Inter-Fraternity Council


Because of Kettering's unique academic schedule there are two independent Inter-Fraternity Councils on campus; one for A-section and one for B-section. Although they are independent from each other, both groups are modeled after and guided by the North American Inter-fraternity Conference or NIC. For more information on the NIC and the standards to which our IFC are held to, please check out 


Office: President
Name: Devin Sutherland 
Office: Public Relations
Name: Alex Sandstrom

Office: Vice President
Name: Ryan Neph
Office: Recruitment
Name: James McKay & Nick Zele 
Office: Treasurer
Name: Don Ebben
Office: Risk Management
Name: Nick Taubitz
Office: Secretary
Name: Paul Virost
Office: Scholarship & Awards
Name: Ray Hyder 
Office: Athletics
Name: Kevin Lucka 
Office: Social & Orientation
Name: Jake Allen 

Office: Philanthropy
Name: Bryan Hawkins
Office: Judicial
Name: Mike Magyar