Words from our Donor

C.S. Mott, the venerable philanthropist of Genesee County was fond of saying: "It isn't how much money you have; it is what you did with it". I never met Mr. Mott but his words of wisdom deeply influenced me when I decided to renovate and expand the Women's Resource Center at Kettering University. In addition, it is a major reason that I endow funds for the Women of the Year Award and to the Kamp Kettering Program for 7th & 8th grade girls.

Joe Anderson, the former General Manager of AC Spark Plug Division also had an influence on me. At a Junior Chamber of Commerce meeting he explained his work philosophy, which was: "and then some".  By that short phrase he meant, very simply, whatever job or task that has been assigned to you, give over 110-115% to complete the assignment.

 Hopefully, in the years to come, the graduates and friends of this prestigious University will take the words of C.S. Mott to heart and adopt them as their own and continue to support the University through endowments.



Colonel John Faiola

October 4, 2007