Average rental rates (Info gathered from listings; will include CVA & Thompson Hall)

Average Rental Rates

Survey of Off-Campus Rates

Average rental rates are computed from information supplied by property owners and managers. The data is calculated and adjusted as each registered property owner makes changes to his or her rental rates on the Housing Listings website. The Registered Units Average Rental Rates reflect the average rental rates for all registered rental units on the site.

 When considering these rental rate figures, it is important to remember that they are derived from only those units registered with the Off-Campus Housing Program. The numbers are based on the "asking price" for an unrented unit, which may vary over the course of the year. Additionally, these numbers are based on information property owners place on the website. We do not verify accuracy, nor whether updates are timely. 

  • Unit rents may or may not include utilities.


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Average Rent

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Average Rental Rates of Registered Units