Parking Policy

All students and employees may now obtain 2013-2014 parking permits. Take these steps to acquire yours:

  •  On the Kettering website, from either the “Current Students” or “Faculty and Staff” pages, click on “Parking Permits” located under “Frequently Used Resources”.
  • Click on “Employee or Student Permits.” (Note that permits are valid for the entire 2013-2014 school year and there is no cost associated with obtaining them, except for student paid parking permits.)
  •  Following the prompts, complete the online vehicle registration process. 
  • Twenty-Four (24) hours after submitting your online vehicle registration, bring your Kettering ID, driver's license, and vehicle registration to the Campus Safety Service Center in the Great Court and pick up your parking permit.  Faculty and staff permits will be sent interoffice mail or can be picked up from the Student Life suite, located on the third floor of the Campus Center. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Students should pick up their permits from the Campus Safety Service Center in the Great Court, located on the second (street level) floor of the Campus Center.  The office is open 24/7, however, we recommend students pick up their permits during the school day, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.   Should you order your permit on Friday it will not be ready to pick up until Monday
  • You may obtain additional permits at no charge. Complete the online registration form for each vehicle you wish to register.
  • Do not remove the paper strip in the center of the permit that includes your vehicle identification and a bar code. 
  • Affix your parking permit to the inside left (driver’s side) lower corner of your windshield. Make sure your permit is visible from the outside of your vehicle. All vehicles parked anywhere on the Kettering campus must be registered and display a valid parking permit. 
  • Motorcycle owners must register their vehicles through the online system and be prepared to show their parking permits to Campus Safety officers upon request.

Parking Regulations

Lot #1:  Student parking only.  Employee and visitor parking prohibited.

Lot #2:  Parking in Lot #2 is restricted to faculty, staff, and visitors except for the row of spaces located along Dupont Street on the north side of the lot, where students possessing a Student Paid Parking Permit may also park, based upon availability. The Student Paid Parking Permit will be available for purchase by students only and is a limited distribution, special color-coded permit.  Student Paid Parking spaces are specially striped and signs are posted clearly identifying spots where students possessing this type of permit may park. Students with Student Paid Parking permits will, of course, also be able to park in other student areas using this permit.  The cost of the Student Paid Parking Permit is $50.00 for the year beginning July 1, 2013.  Students possessing normal access student parking permits will be cited and towed if parked in these spaces.

Lot #2:  Three 15-minute, green-striped spaces:  Students, faculty, and staff displaying a valid parking permit of any type may use these green spaces when visiting the Academic Building briefly.  The spaces are clearly marked. Vehicles parked in these spaces longer than 15 minutes will be subject to citation and towing without notice, so please use them only as intended.

Lot #3:  Will remain open at all times to faculty, staff, students, and visitors who display valid parking permits. Lot #3 also features three 15-minute, green-striped spaces for use by students, faculty, and staff displaying a valid parking permit of any type.  

Lot #3:  Remains open to Recreation Center permit holders, as noted above.

Fire Lanes:  All Fire Lanes on campus are painted red to clearly identify areas that must remain clear at all times.  Vehicles parked in these areas will be cited and towed, without warning, in accord with local ordinances

Campus Map


Campus Center Lot:

Campus Center Lot

The U-shaped lot (CC1) outside the main doors facing Chevrolet Avenue is restricted to visitors who register their vehicles with the Campus Safety officer on duty in the Great Court and obtain a Visitor's Permit.  Visitors displaying a valid Visitors Permit may also park in the north/south spaces along Chevrolet Avenue (CC2).

Three spots in the U-shaped lot (CC1) have been striped in green and marked for 15-minute parking. These spaces are reserved for those who have items to drop off in the Campus Center.  Anyone who exceeds the 15-minute limit or leaves an unattended, unregistered vehicle will be subject to citation and towing, without warning.

No faculty, staff, or students may park in the Campus Center lot (CC1,CC2,or CC3) (except those holding valid handicapped permits in CC2 and CC3 as noted below) from 5:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

All visitors’ vehicles parked in the Campus Center lot must display a valid Visitor’s Permit, issued by Campus Safety.

Visitor permits for guests may be obtained from the Campus Safety Service Center in the Great Court. Visitor sponsors are encouraged to provide Campus Safety advance notice of the arrival of their visitors to campus, so they may prepare permits ahead of time.

Handicapped spaces in the U-shaped portion (CC1) of the Campus Center lot are restricted for use by campus visitors only. Faculty and staff who hold valid handicapped permits may park in other areas of the Campus Center Lot, including the north/south spaces along Chevrolet Avenue (CC2) and the east/west spaces that face the Mott Building (CC3 - the Fleet Lot). Vehicles parked in these areas must display both a visible valid Kettering parking permit, as well as a valid handicapped permit.

Fleet Lot (CC3): No faculty, staff, or student parking is allowed in the Fleet Lot (CC3), located behind the Campus Center. This lot is designated for use by University Fleet or owned vehicles possessing a University Municipal Fleet Tag, vendor service vehicles, food service vehicles and faculty and staff who hold valid handicapped permits and whose vehicles display both valid handicapped permits and Kettering permits.  All others vehicles will be cited and towed, without warning.

Bluff Street Lot:  These lots are closed except for special events, such as Celebrate Kettering, commencement, co-op fairs, FIRST Robotics, etc.  They will be clearly marked when open for use. Otherwise they are closed.  Any vehicle parked in these lots when the lots are closed will be cited and towed, without warning.

Off-Section Student Parking:  Off-section students may not store vehicles anywhere on the campus unless special arrangements have been made and confirmed with the Chief of Campus Safety.  Abandoned vehicles will be impounded at the owner’s expense.  When visiting Kettering University, off-section students who have not yet obtained an annual permit, should obtain a Visitor’s Permit from Campus Safety and park in spaces designated for visitors.

Roadway Parking:  Parking is not permitted on roadways except under supervision of Campus Safety or during unusual conditions as declared by the Chief of Campus Safety or his/her designate.  “No parking” areas and fire lanes must be kept clear at all times, as required by law.  Vehicles parked in these areas are subject to towing without notice.

Mechanical Problems:  Any vehicle parked improperly or overnight due to mechanical problems must be reported immediately to Campus Safety.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in the issuance of a citation and/or towing of the vehicle without warning.  

Special Events:  Special events may cause temporary disruption in parking arrangements on campus for persons parking registered vehicles.  During those times, although parking is limited, all registered vehicles must park in accordance with this policy and cones/barricades should not be moved.

 Vehicle Registration and Identification:  Each student, faculty and staff member must register their vehicle and obtain appropriate identification for parking and operating a vehicle at any time on the Kettering University campus. Any changes in vehicle and/or license number are to be promptly reported to Campus Safety located in the Great Court of the Campus Center.

A color-coded parking permit is issued for each individual. All permits must be displayed on the driver’s side of the inside windshield (lower corner) and visible from the outside.  

Motorcycles will be registered and identified by their regular license numbers.

Transfer of a parking permit from one person to another is prohibited. When a vehicle is disposed of, the parking permit must be removed. The person issued the parking permit is responsible for any fines or penalties incurred by use of the permit on campus.

Auto Fluid Disposal:  All fluids generated by vehicle maintenance must be properly containerized, labeled, and transported off campus for proper disposal (not dumped on the ground or in a dumpster). Used oil may be properly disposed without charge at any of the Flint locations of AutoZone stores.

Insurance and Licensing:  All persons driving in Michigan must have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registrations, and proof of insurance. All persons parking on Kettering University property are expected to have sufficient insurance to cover any damages and/or theft to their vehicle or loss of property contained within their vehicle. Kettering University is not financially responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked or operated on Kettering University property.

Questions:  Please direct questions about the new parking permits and regulations to Campus Safety Chief Jim Benford (, ext. 9899).  The University’s complete Traffic and Parking policy may be found under University Policies