Students, who possess lots of electronic equipment which is easily sold or pawned, occasionally become targets of crimes of opportunity such as robbery and burglary. Review these safety precautions to help ensure your safety and well-being and allow us to maintain a safe and secure campus.

  • The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to stay alert and trust your instincts.
  • Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times—when you are in them; when they are parked.
  • Make sure none of your personal possessions can be seen through your vehicle’s windows. Lock all valuables in your trunk or other storage unit.
  • Keep your doors locked at home at all times, whether you live in Thompson Hall, a Greek house, or a local rental unit.
  • Never travel alone, particularly after dark. 
  • Utilize Campus Safety Escort/Shuttle Service: Campus Safety officers will escort students, faculty, and staff to any point on campus, or within a mile radius of campus, at any time to ensure their safety. All you need to do is call Campus Safety at 762-9501, or press “O” from any campus telephone, to request the service. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service whenever doing so will ensure your comfort and security, particularly after dark. For example, if you are on campus late into the night, and need to get to your car, call Campus Safety, tell them what door you will be exiting and they will send a patrol to the lot. Or, alert an existing patrol officer to watch you or accompany you to your car. (Note that Escort/Shuttle Services exists to protect members of our community; it is not a means of local transport for any other reason.)
  • Sign up for Kettering Alert: This cell phone and email notification system sends urgent, time-critical, real-time, information issued by Campus Safety when circumstances warrant it. We issue alerts only when the situation meets the standard of “imminent danger” to the campus or community, i.e., when any conditions or dangers exist which may cause serious physical harm immediately or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated through law enforcement or other safety procedures. We need to be able to contact you if immediate notification will enhance your safety as well as the safety of other members of the campus community; such notifications may alert you to the need to take pre-emptive action – and how to take it. The decision to issue a Kettering Alert may be made by the President, or by Campus Safety alone or in consultation with the Flint Police or other emergency responders. We deploy Kettering Alerts only when needed to ensure their impact when we do send them; we do not use them for routine communications. We do send Kettering Alerts when weather conditions warrant action on the part of students, faculty, and staff, e.g., when snow or rain conditions make travel to or from the University unsafe.
  • Signing up for Kettering Alert is fast and easy. Just point your browser to the “Banner Web / Self Service” link found on the “Current Students Page” of the Kettering Website; it can be found under “Information Systems.” Log in, select “Personal Information Menu” and then select the “Kettering Alert” link.

Students Who Live Off Campus:

  • Check all window and door locks to make sure they function properly. If they don't, contact your landlord immediately to get them fixed. Each exterior door should have a minimum of two (2) functioning locks: a deadbolt and a doorknob lock. Each window should have a secure, tamper-proof lock on it. Insist that broken windows, locks, and doors be fixed immediately.
  • Make sure your rental unit is properly lit outside. Landlords should provide lights over all doors, as well as on all sides of the home that are not secured by tamper-proof fencing. 
  • If shrubs and bushes provide hiding spots, contact your landlord to get them trimmed or removed entirely.
  • If your rental unit has an alarm system, use it. If it does not function properly, contact your landlord and insist that it be fixed immediately. If it doesn't have one, ask that one be installed. 
  • Park your car in a well-lit area. Do not leave any personal items in it--seen or unseen. 
  • Utilize Campus Safety's escort service to and from campus.
  • Never open your door at until you know who's on the other side. If your entry door does not have a peephole or other device to see who is on the other side, insist that your landlord install one immediately.
  • Permanent “For Rent” signs alert criminals that students occupy the premises. These permanent signs violate City of Flint building codes. If your rental unit features such a sign, insist the property owner remove it immediately. If s/he does not, notify Betsy Homsher, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students.

We want to know about landlords in the area who do not provide safe housing for our students living off-campus. If you have safety issues with your rental property that your landlord refuses to address, please report them and the nature of their refusal to Vice President Betsy Homsher in the Office of Student Life.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Students who leave the area for the Thanksgiving holiday should secure their homes and property and secure electronic devices or take them with them. Lock all doors and windows, close window coverings, place inside lights on timers and leave outside lights on so your rental unit is never completely dark.

Students who remain in the area over the long weekend should avoid traveling alone, especially after dark or in deserted areas, and should always take advantage of Campus Safety's escort service. Campus Safety will be fully staffed 24/7 throughout the holiday period.

Your safety and security are our top priorities. Please join us in this important work.

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.

Betsy Homsher
Vice President of Student Life

Jim Benford
Chief of Campus Safety