A successful co-op program depends on the cooperation of Kettering University's Cooperative Education & Career Services staff, the student, and the employer. The responsibilities of Kettering University are outlined below:

Kettering University Cooperative Education Office

  • Serves as a liaison between the employer, the student, and the University throughout the cooperative education relationship
  • Makes suggestions for appropriate co-op positions
  • Provides information about Kettering University's academic programs
  • Identifies student candidates, refers resumes to employers, and facilitates interview arrangements
  • Advises employers about appropriate wages and benefits
  • Counsels students on career goals and helps match their skills with employers' needs
  • Works with employers to develop work plans

Cooperative Education Manager as a Resource Throughout the Kettering University Co-op Program

After you have gained a co-op employment position, your relationship with the Cooperative Education and Career Services Office does not cease to exist. It is a relationship that continues throughout your co-op experiences and your career as a Kettering University student. Your Cooperative Education Manager in particular and the Cooperative Education and Career Services Office in general are resources available to help you in a variety of key areas including:

  1. Communication

    Communication is a key to success throughout this program. From your Cooperative Education Manager, you will attain a resource for strategizing about your employment search, counseling about your employment choices and acting as a liaison through issues and problems at the work site.

  2. Company Visits

    During your work experiences you should expect to see your Cooperative Education Manager to evaluate your progress through your experiences from both your perspective and your employer's. Your manager may also provide advice and suggestions as appropriate.

  3. Problems at the Work Site

    As students progress through their co-op experiences, there are occasions when problems arise between students and employers. Most often these situations are a direct result of a breakdown in communication. The Cooperative Education Manager is to act as a resource to help students strategize ways to solve problems in a professional manner. Cooperative Education Managers are a resource to help students determine if their co-op related problems should be handled on their own or if the resources of the school should be called in for additional support. An example of a problem that is beyond the abilities of a student to handle on his/her own is Sexual Harassment.