What is Co-op?

Students receive real-world experience while pursuing a degree!

For parents, one of the biggest financial decisions they have to make is which college is the best investment for their child's future. Some see college as a place for young adults to learn to live on their own and become generally educated. That sounds pleasant enough, but is it the best way to prepare students for the real world, and is it the best use of your money? At Kettering, we don't think so.

Co-op Video: Beyond the Classroom

The Kettering Co-op program is designed to create a return on your educational investment right now. Kettering Co-op matches students with the industry that they are interested in, and closely monitors their progress, while providing them a world class technical education.

Students receive real-world work experience at the same time that they pursue a degree, reaping the benefits of getting in on the ground floor of an industry, and having an open door waiting when they graduate. That's an investment you can feel good about.