Why Co-op?

Becoming a part of the co-op program creates many benefits to companies who make the decision to partner with Kettering University, whether you are looking for more cost effective labor, or a fresh and energetic addition to your work force that is already up to speed when they graduate.


By tapping into the resources of Kettering students, you gain the benefits of students who are mature, motivated, disciplined, highly intelligent, and eager to learn. These are students who are at Kettering because they have a passion and dedication for their chosen career path, and who will not only work hard for you, but bring with them fresh ideas based on a constantly evolving education.

And that is another asset you gain. Not only do you reap the benefits of bright young minds, but you get the knowledge and experience that comes with them in the form of Kettering faculty. Kettering staff stands behind their students with all of their accumulated years of technical and business expertise, and are an excellent resource for participating employers.

Employer Benefits

  • Access to a technically talented and diverse work source for productive results - immediately
  • Kettering student may handle projects typically assigned to full-time employees, allowing them to pursue other assignments
  • Direct input into the academic and professional development of tomorrow's workforce
  • Ability to observe and evaluate potential employees in the workplace for an extended period
  • Develop future employees in your corporate culture
  • Commitment to your organization
  • Decreased recruiting, orientation, and training cost
  • Increased employee retention
  • Benefit from a major research project assigned by you - the Thesis project

Student Benefits

  • Up to 2 1/2 years of professional experience upon graduation
  • Potential paycheck to offset tuition costs
  • Small classes and personal attention
  • Ability to "test drive" their career before graduation
  • Development of a rich professional network
  • Hands-on experience at school and on the job
  • Benefits from the research aspect of the Thesis Project