Thesis Project - From Problem to Solution


Problem:  A seating systems company lacked a mechanism to safely and efficiently transport seats between conveyors.

Solution:  Joseph Meyer designed a universal ergonomic lifting device, resulting in a savings of $1.2 million.


Problem:  Traditional methods have proven problematic in the search and recovery of missing persons and human remains.

Solution:  Sarah Kokosa utilized infrared spectroscopy to analyze skin, bone and hair for tracking and locating live humans as well as detecting human remains.


Problem:  A communications company was experiencing reliabily and efficiency issues with employee time documentation.

Solution:  Benjamin Banks created a database to facilitate fast, accurate management of time documentation.  Information can be search and recalled for payroll and customer invoices more efficiently, resulting in cost savings of $18,720 per year.


Problem:  GM Powertrain experience low tool life during the maching of powdered metal bearing caps and cylinder blocks.

Solution:  Rochanda Williams determined slowing the feed rate would reduce downtime and overall costs, resulting in $1 million in savings per year.