Rory Carson

Rory Carson

Hometown: Pearland, TX

Major: Computer Science

Concentration: System and Data Security

Co-op Employer: National Oilwell Varco

Why I chose Kettering:

"The co-op experience was what I really chose Kettering for and then I experienced how friendly and outgoing everyone was when I visited campus and I was sold!"

What are the five best things about Kettering University?

  1. The co-op
  2. The amazing professors
  3. Greek life
  4. The girls (all five of them) are smart and attractive
  5. Kettering goes above and beyond to make this school a great experience.

What was your coolest work assignment?

"I'm the first co-op at my company, and when I arrived they didn't really know what to give me to do, so for two weeks my assignment was to watch a t.v. series called 'Black Gold.' After that,  I was asked to write a prograam for my boss that would allow him to view all of our servers across the the world and gather documents, zip them, and send them to other locations."

What advice would you give to students considering Kettering University?

"Come for a visit. Kettering was my 'last resort' school until I visited campus and saw how down to earth everyone here is. After that, I knew Kettering was the place for me."