Are you interested in a career in medicine?  Or just thinking about it? 

If so, there is an exciting new class being offered fall 2012:  MEDI-221 Elements of Medical Scribing.  It is online and available to A and B section students.  It will teach you the basic elements of working with Emergency Medicine physicians as a Medical Scribe.  This includes the basics of: interviewing a patient, medical terminology, common medical complaints and drugs, privacy and medical cost issues.  A field trip to a local hospital is also planned.  

How do you register?   

MEDI-221 is a 2-credit course being offered in the fall 2012 term.  Registration requires approval from the Pre-Med Faculty, who will work in coordination with the Registrar’s Office to register A and B section students accordingly.  Email to apply.

Professors Seeley and Atkinson

Premed Coordinator and Advisor