Nathan Ply

Nathan Ply

Hometown: Montrose, Michigan

Major: Business Administration

Concentration: Marketing and Accounting/Finance

Co-op Employer: DTE Energy, Strategic Marketing Division

Why I chose Kettering:
I chose Kettering because of the real world experience in corporate America. I have always dreamed of one day walking into a large cooperation in a suit and tie holding a coffee, I can say because of Kettering I've done that. I have worked hard to dominate my destiny. I will graduate in July 2012 with more than two full years of work experience for the leading power utility in Southern Michigan"

Best Advice:
The Kettering Business program is the best. There are a lot of schools out there offering business, but if you choose Kettering you will definitely jump start your career. You will get great real world experience and that is so much more than the average business school can offer. With a Kettering business degree you will dominate your destiny!