Molly Oxner

Molly Oxner

Hometown: Hartland, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Concentration: Hybrid & Fuel Cell Technologies and Material Science

Co-op Employer: Robert Bosch LLC, Charleston, SC

Why I Chose Kettering:

I chose Kettering over other schools because they had my program of specialization - fuel cells - which is only available at the undergrad level at two other institutions. I felt that Kettering was the best choice for me because Kettering's program seemed much more hands-on and advanced, which really drew me in, plus it offered the added experiences through the co-op program.

The Five Best Things About Kettering:

  1. The size of the student body. I always thought I wanted to go to a big school and get the "college experience" that everyone talks about. But after doing all the visits and campus tours, I realized I wanted a school that doesn't think of students as just a number. Kettering does a great job at making sure each student gets a personalized, individual experience that large colleges can't seem to offer.
  2. Greek Life. I never thought I'd "Go Greek" until I experienced first-hand how close-knit, involved and dedicated the Greek Community is at Kettering. I think it was one the best decisions I've made aside from coming to Kettering. I've always been involved with volunteering and at Kettering it has been no different. The Kettering Greek Community has become my second family.
  3. The Faculty. I love how helpful and knowledgeable the professors at Kettering are - they are very approachable and I never have to hesitate when I need help if I have a question in class.
  4. Co-op. I'm not going to lie - when I started my first work term I was so worried that I was going to be sitting in a cubicle making copies and getting coffee for engineers. I was really amazed at the value placed on Kettering Co-ops in the workplace. We are given real problems and real engineering tasks and told to improve it or figure out what is wrong with presented problems.
  5. The Campus. I like how small Kettering's campus is - it's not like other universities where it's a five-mile trip from one side to the other. And the tunnel makes everything so convenient and safe - if it's raining, I don't have to worry about getting soaked, and if it's dark, I don't even have to think about walking outside!

Coolest Co-op Assignment:

 I get to do a lot of "cool" projects at Bosch, but one of my favorites has been my involvement with the Lean Line Design being implemented on one of our assembly lines. We look at our current processes for spots where we can reduce cycle time, improve material flow and work flow, and from there we mocked up the new designs and ran time trials to see how much improvement we obtained. I really liked working in the mock up area. We took pieces of PVC and cardboard and made scale models of our new stations and run them with cardboard pieces to represent our parts. I learned a lot from this because I'm not normally the greatest conceptual learner and being able to build models and physically see the new stations was really good for me. Mock up is one of my favorite things to do now - I jump at chances to work on models.

Why Students Should Come to Kettering:

The experience that you gain through Kettering's curriculum is invaluable in today's society. Coming out of college with almost three years of experience is priceless!