Misty Robertson

Misty Robertson

Hometown: Lake Jackson, TX

Major: Industrial Engineering

Minor: Pre-Law

Co-op Employer: Precision Castparts Corp., Special Metals

Why did you choose Kettering?

"I came to Kettering because I wanted to be able to experience what I was going to be doing with my degree. At most colleges, you get your degree but you aren't even really sure what you can do with it. However with Kettering, I know exactly what I can do and what I want to do, with my degree."

What are the five best things about Kettering University?

  1. The co-op, since it allows you to experience your major.
  2. The size: Kettering's small size allows you to create a unique bond with professors that you wouldn't be able to do anywhere else.
  3. Student life: There are always activities, sports, and social opportunities on and off campus.
  4. The professors really try to help you succeed and are very willing to help you understand the material in any way that they can.
  5. The new fixed tuition enables student not to have to guess how much they will have to pay each year.

What was your coolest co-op experience:

"My coolest assigment so far was during my Freshman II term. I was able to conduct several Cause and Effect meetings that enabled workers to determine why our producivity was down. I ran the meetings and sent out the notes and helped the workers to increase the plant's productivity through Continuous Improvement. My employers treated me as if I were a full-time employee, which helped me develop my social skills and leading abilities."

What advice would you give to a student considering Kettering University?

"Kettering is probably the best college you could go to. The co-op alone would make it the best investment in your future, but pair that with top-notch professors and small class sizes, and you can't beat it. The co-op program also allows you to help pay for college, learn about your degree, develop critical skills  for future employment, and it's a nice break from classes. The professors give your all of the techinical and hands-on knowledge that you need, but in order to really learn something you need to use it everyday. Well, when you go to your co-op, you use the topics you learned every day, which enables you to really understand and retain everything that you learn at Kettering."