You are invited:

Friday, Feb. 15, 12:20 -1:20 p.m.

Lunch will be provided.

Your input and evaluation are sought Friday at 12:20 p.m., 3-338 AB, during a guest lecture by Dr. Mehmet Balman, candidate for Assistant Professor of Computer Science. 

Title: Data Migration between Distributed Climate Repositories: A Use-case of High-speed Networks for Collaborative Climate Research 

Dr. Mehmet Balman

Lawrence-Berkeley Laboratory

Abstract: Data-intensive computing is one of the crosscutting themes in today's computer research. Many scientific activities depend on large-scale data analysis, scientific simulations, and verification of experimental results. Climate data is one of the fastest growing scientific datasets, and it is shared/distributed among many research institutions around the world. The Earth System Grid Federation provides necessary middleware and software to support end-user data access and data replication between partner institutions. Climate data sources are distributed among national and international data repositories, and are shared by a large number of geographically distributed scientists. We need fast and efficient data access over the network for analysis and intercomparison of simulation data. In this talk, I will briefly introduce the Earth Systems Grid architecture and I will describe  our hands-on data  management experience in the climate research community.  I will talk about recent efforts to improve the network infrastructure to support increasing demand for information sharing between distributed data centers. I will show a sample climate application for the analysis of data transferred over the network. I will conclude with our experience in scaling up the Earth System Grid to high-speed wide-area networks and present recent results from real-life demonstrations of 100Gbps network applications.


John Geske
Professor and Head,
Department of Computer Science