Announcing a special topics course offering for freshman in the Winter 2014 term!
This introductory, multidisciplinary course is designed to introduce freshmen to problem-based learning that combines science, engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship principles with a focus on an important societal need. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

KETT-191 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mindset (2 credits)

  • Demonstrate hands-on implementation of engineering design processes in a multidisciplinary team environment
  • Utilize engineering design processes and perform preliminary research
  • Develop innovative solutions to address relevant societal needs
  • Develop and clearly state a value proposition for commercial application of their solution
  • Recognize concepts of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Effectively communicate their ideas to an audience
Prerequisites:  Good academic standing
Corequisites:  None
Minimum Class Standing:  Open to freshmen only

This course will be team taught by Professors Mo Torfeh and Girma Tewolde.

*Please contact either faculty member for more information.