Joe Thielen

Joe Thielen

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO

Major: Industrial Engineering

Concentration: Cognate Concentration

Co-op Employer: Freudenberg-NOK

Why did you choose Kettering University?

"Kettering was inviting not just in word, but in action. They made it their goal to make sure I would be able to make it as a Kettering student. Not only was it welcoming and showed me I could be part of something big and something I could be proud of, but it also has a highly ranked Industrial Engineering program with quality labs that are actually usable by undergrads. Kettering provides me with many scholarships and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a co-op job long before other schools would."

What are the five best things about Kettering?

  1. The co-op expreience right from the start, giving students real-world experience and professional career growth concurrently with their academic career growth.
  2. The family atmosphere which fosters learning and encourages community and support of each other.
  3. The highly ranked IE program with solid professors who aren't above building personal friendships with students and assuring our success.
  4. The great labs and hands-on learning as an undergrad. Most schools only have stuff this good for grad students.
  5. The opportunities to grow not just academically, but in leadership, service, success, and faith. There are so many groups on campus to get plugged in with.

What was your coolest co-op assignment?

"My coolest work assignment was a statistical analysis project of our part designs in order to identify why we have scrap in each part. The project in itself was neat, but the coolest part was that my project manager was a Six Sigma Black Belt in Germany, so I spent time everyday calling Germany and learning how to effectively do my work. I was given the great responsibility of spearheading the project on the American side. When my term was done and it was presented to my managers, they were very impressed and I was able to see how my work was important to future projects of my company on a global scale. Try finding that sort of real-world experience opportunity at any other school. Kettering does it best."

What advice would you give a student considering Kettering University?

"As I’ve continued at Kettering, I stay because of the family atmosphere of Kettering that the small campus size affords. I get to know tons of people and it’s not an overwhelming flood of unfamiliar faces. I love the community and the belonging. It’s a highly respectable place that’s going places as a University. Our staff is committed and our school is just a great place to be. That’s why I’m at Kettering."