Design & build a device which can launch a Table tennis ball over a specified height & covers maximum distance to win $100!. Be in the Great Court on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 12:30 p.m. to participate or cheer on the participants. Students, faculty, staff & administration - you're invited!


Design and build a paper device (using the material specified) to launch a table tennis ball which has to go over a specified obstacle height. The goal is to cover the maximum distance from the base line of obstacle.

Time Limit:

20 minutes to design & build device.

10 minutes to compete.


Hollow cylindrical cardboard cups

Cardboard Clips

Rubber Bands


Ice cream sticks

Sticky Tapes

Paper clips


The distance will be measured from the obstacle.

The ball which covers the max distance from the base line will win.

Judge's decision will be final.