Hacking Flint
Artist GH Hovagimyan and the Flint Public Art Project will host a workshop on hacking as art practice and building hacker spaces in New York City and Flint.

Hovagimyan uses modified Xbox Kinects and open source software to produce 3D projections. On Friday, Nov. 9, from 6-10 p.m. he will take over an abandoned storefront at First and Saginaw streets in Flint to create "3D Karaoke" and invites anyone to perform their favorite songs.

On Saturday, the artist will explain how he hacked the Kinect, the basics of (TUIO) Tangible User Interface Output and demonstrate how to use and alter 3D Karaoke. He will also talk about the hacker and arts communities in New York City and how NYC and Flint hackers can learn from each other.
Friday, Nov. 9, 6-10 p.m.: 3D Karaoke
First Street Lofts, 460 S. Saginaw @ First Street
Saturday, Nov. 10, 3-4 p.m.: Hacking Flint
Flint Public Art Project, 124 W. First Street @ Beach Street, 2nd Fl
You can download the 3D Karaoke app.