On the recommendation of the Research Council Steering Committee, I am pleased to announce the Faculty Research Fellowship recipients for 2013. The Committee received seven proposals and recommended four, the maximum number of awards available, for support at $6000 each. The successful proposals are listed below.

“Haptic display of interactions in collaborative tele-mentoring virtual surgical training in the presence of network latency” by Dr. M. Zadeh

“Supercritical fluid extraction and evaluation of antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory agents from grape stems, pomegranate, walnut hulls, and local flora” by Dr. J. Wenzel1, Dr. M. Ammerman, Dr. C. Samaniego, Dr. L. Wang, Dr. A. Zand 

“Synthesis and characterization of magnetic microbubbles as agents for anti-cancer therapy” by Ronald E. Kumon and Prem P. Vaishnava 

“Phase behavior, solubility and aggregation of asphaltenes in organic solvents via event-driven dynamics” by Dr. L. Hernandez de la Pena

I thank the Research Council Steering Committee and its chair Huseyin Hiziroglu for their thoughtful review the proposals and wish the recipients every success with their projects.

Robert L. Simpson, Provost