Dr. Jonathan Wenzel elected to national leadership role in Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity

Dr. Jonathan Wenzel, an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at Kettering University, was recently elected the Grand Master of Ceremonies, Second National Vice President, of the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity at the 51st biennial conclave in Iowa City, Iowa.  

Dr. Jonathan Wenzel and Dr. John AdamsAlpha Chi Sigma elects its national officers biennially through a representative body which in 2012 consisted of 82 voting delegates.  Alpha Chi Sigma is more than a century old and is the only professional chemistry fraternity in the nation.  The fraternity has more than 64,500 members involved in 47 collegiate and seven professional chapters who are pursuing a wide variety of chemistry-related careers, which includes chemical engineers.  As a non-profit educational organization, Alpha Chi Sigma is strongly committed to science education of our nation’s youth and its members organize and participate in several science outreach activities.

Wenzel was initiated into the Delta Chapter at the University of Missouri, Columbia, in 1996 and has held a variety of offices following his initiation.  Most recently, he was the Central District Counselor for Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado from 2002 to 2010, and from 2010 to 2012 was a Professional Representative, a nationally elected representative at large.  As Grand Master of Ceremonies, he is responsible for the educational resources, chapter installation ceremonies, and initiation ritual in addition to being one of four individuals on the board of directors for the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity. 

"I am excited to hold the position and over the next two years I will have the opportunity to visit several other institutions.  This is also a fantastic opportunity for other universities to learn more about our chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering programs at Kettering University.  I’m very excited and honored to have been elected to this position and will strive to ensure the continued success of the fraternity," Dr. Wenzel added.

Dr. Wenzel is pictured with Dr. John Adams, professor of Chemistry at the University of Missouri.  Dr. Adams is a long-time friend, chapter advisor of his initiating chapter, and a past President (Grand Master Alchemist) of Alpha Chi Sigma.  Dr. Wenzel is wearing the jewel of office of the Grand Master of Ceremonies.  The photo was taken in Iowa City.