Debra Pratt

Debra Pratt

Hometown: Lake Orion, Michigan

Major: Biochemistry

Concentration: Pre-med

Co-op Employer: Agent Fate (Kettering University research) and JHP Pharmaceuticals

Why I chose Kettering:
The idea of going to work every other three months to apply what I had just learned in school really appealed to me. With Kettering's co-op program, I get to apply concepts in the real world, unlike other universities where only facts are memorized. I'm going to graduate with a degree from a challenging school and also two years of experience. I believe the whole point of a degree is to convince an employer to hire you; and in the end, the experience is what's going to get me a career, not the piece of paper. That's why I chose Kettering, and if I could go back, I would not change my decision.

The best things about Kettering:
  • Co-op program
  • Knowing and being taught by your professors
  • Greek Life
  • Co-op program
  • Small university, which allows for small class sizes
  • Greek life
  • Small class sizes

Best advice:
Kettering is great because you go to school for three months, once three months are almost over, you'll start to get sick of school. Then just in time, you get to go to work for three month. The same applies here, once the three months of work are over, you'll be ready to go back to school. It's the best of both worlds in my opinion. Whether it's work or school, it's the right amount of time, and you won't get burned out. Plus, the money and experience from the three months of work is a huge positive aspect about Kettering.