Deana Johnson

Deana Johnson

Hometown: Gary, Indiana

Major: Business Administration

Concentration: Human Resource Management

Minor: International Studies

Co-op Employer: STEMCO, LP in Longview, Texas

Why I chose Kettering: 

Business is one of the most popular majors in the United States. With the growing number of degrees available online, I knew I needed to set myself apart from the rest. I needed an educational experience that would prepare me to compete in a global society. Kettering's unique program caught my attention because I knew I wasn't the average student and didn't want to attend an average university. Excellent faculty and the co-op program would help pave the way to my successfully future.

The best things about Kettering:

  1.  The constant adventure. With so many clubs and organization no week at Kettering is ever the same. Intramural sports, outdoors club, chess club the possibilities are endless.
  2.  Kettering is a university preparing for the future. Engineering classes are exploring fuel cell and Business students are learning SAP. Kettering is not only educating on the basics of yesterday but building a foundation for tomorrow.
  3. Work experience is the BEST experience. My responsibilities at my co-op job increase as knowledge base increases. I enjoy doing work that makes a difference in my company.
  4.  There are opportunities to see the WORLD. I chose concentrations in International Business because I realize with each piece of new technology the world becomes smaller. Through Kettering programs I have been able to visit China, study abroad in Germany and I'm planning  a trip to Australia.
  5. Small class sizes. I enjoy knowing my peers by name. I appreciate professors that remember my name. It's amazing how much we learn from each other in class discussions.

Coolest co-op assignment:

My company is seeking a national certification from OSHA,  and I was allowed to be part of the implementation team. Preparation for this certification on average takes most companies 1-3 years, we set a goal to complete it in 18 months. Not only was I able to use my skills to impact our team, enhance my learning about Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), I was allowed to call into meetings from Germany. My company and the implementation team valued my ideas and input that much. I was also able to assist in presenting the information to EHS corporate auditors, not only did everything go well, they were astonished to find that I was a college student working as a part of a co-op program. I am proud to say that our application has been submitted to OSHA in accordance with our timeline.

Best advice:

Think about what it takes to get a job after graduation. Communication and presentation skills, a global perspective, being well rounded, community involvement, advanced knowledge, and previous experience. Kettering can prepare you to be all this and more. Kettering can prepare you for success!