To All B-Section Students:

Reminder that nominations for the President's Student Advisory Council are due Monday, April 16, at 5pm!

Our new president, Dr. Bob McMahan, wishes to establish the
President's Student Advisory Council (PSAC), comprised of
representatives from a cross-section of students. PSAC will advise the
president on matters of concern and interest to students. A full
description of PSAC, and the work it will carry out, is attached.

We seek nominations from students at all levels to serve on the
council, which will meet twice each term. Four students will be
selected from all nominations received and will be expected to serve a
one year term.

If you would like to be considered to serve on PSAC, please send an
email, no later than 5:00 pm 3rd Monday, (04/16/2012) with the
following information:

Class Status
Email Address & Phone Number

Your email should include a short description of why you wish to be a
member of PSAC and what you hope to contribute to the group.

Send nominations to Debbie Stewart at