Kettering has joined with other area businesses in the 6 Weeks to Wellness COMMIT2FIT Challenge. The goal of the program is to promote healthy living. In addition to supporting Kettering, you’ll be eligible to win prizes—cash, gift certificates, pedometers and more!

What’s stopping you? It’s fun and easy! Just put your focus on healthy living and track the points you earn. Read step by step instructions for joining the challenge.

You've signed up…now what?
Log in at Here’s how you earn points:

  • 25 point(s) for joining a team (Hang out with those with common interests.)
  • 10 point(s) for each day with a login (So log in every day!!! Make it a habit! Maybe put a sticky note on your monitor.)
  • 10 point(s) for posting to a message board (Look for the Message Board link at the bottom of the Dashboard page.)
  • 10 point(s) for sending an eCard (Look for “Motivational Ecards” on the left side of the website)
  • 50 point(s) for starting a team (Maybe a department team?)
  • 50 point(s) for every 2500 steps (Whether you walk, weight train, wash the car…the website will convert your activity to points to steps—Just get active! This is the fastest way to earn lots of points!)
  • 10 point(s) for submitting an event (Taking classes? Tell others for more points.)
  • 10 point(s) for submitting a testimonial (Tell your story—short or long—to others.)
  • 10 point(s) for every 3 Hydration tracker point(s) (Drink and track.)
  • 10 point(s) for every 2 Fruit & Veggie Servings tracker point(s) (Eat’em and track.)
  • 100 point(s) for every 1 pound(s) weight loss (Celebrate your success by tracking your progress! That’s a lot of points!)