To: Undergraduate Students Registering for Fall 2012 Classes
(If your parents or guardian manages your educational finances, please forward this information to them.)

To assist you and your family in making your Kettering education financially achievable, we are offering you the option of enrolling in our Nelnet/FACTS Automatic Payment Plan. This is a convenient, interest-free monthly installment plan which allows your term charges to be paid over a series of payments. Depending on when you enroll in the plan, your charges can now be divided into as many as six installments for only a $25 enrollment fee. Since you are beginning classes in October 2012, please pay special attention to the payment schedule and deadlines for Fall 2012 in the brochure located at - Undergraduate e-Cashier Payment Plan - (Bachelors).

For the ultimate flexibility, we encourage you to utilize our online Nelnet/FACTS Automatic Payment Plan. Or, if you prefer to make a one-time payment in full, you may do this with no enrollment fee. Please note that a 2.5% convenience fee will be assessed if you choose the credit card option rather than automatic bank withdrawal (ACH) for both the Automatic Payment Plan or one-time payment in full option.

If you have questions regarding the Nelnet/FACTS Automatic Payment Plan process, please call Nelnet Business Solutions at 1(800)609-8056 and a service representative will be able to assist you.

Refer to the Tuition and Fee Schedule for the 2012-13 rates.

 - Kettering University Student Accounts Office