Announcement (Release: December 2013)

The wireless infrastructure has been upgraded in both the Academic and C.S. Mott Buildings. Please continue to use KUEMPLOYEE and KUSTUDENT when accessing the wireless network at Kettering University.

IT will continue to share project updates as milestones are accomplished. Visit the IT website for information on how to connect to the University Wireless Network. Please contact the Help Desk with questions, at or (810) 237-8324.

Overhaul of Wireless Environment Throughout Campus (Release: December 2012)

The IT Department is undergoing a multi-phase effort to improve the wireless environment throughout the campus. The magnitude of a complete overhaul of our wireless infrastructure to meet our needs necessitates a multi-phase approach to assist us in achieving our ultimate goal. The goal is to provide high speed and full coverage to our campus. The following are some of the initial steps that the IT Department will be undertaking in the immediate future toward achieving the goal.

Effective Immediately - KUGUEST will now allow guests/visitors internet access by entering their email address and accepting our terms of access guidelines on the initial splash page that is presented. Guests will be required to re-authenticate only after non-activity of 4 hours. There is no longer a need to call or e-mail the Help Desk to activate the guest account for access. The KUGUEST SSID will remain active 24X7.

Week of 12/17/2012 - The availability of the wireless system will be intermittent (excluding KUGUEST which will remain accessible except during system re-boots) as we upgrade our wireless access points and controller to allow for multiple enhancements to our student and employee SSIDs:

Authentication will be updated to use the 802.1X protocol. Employees and students, under a Windows operating system, will only need to authenticate once, without time limits, during a 90 day period of time. You will not be disconnected due to time limits. Roaming across campus will automatically reconnect you to the appropriate wireless SSID when it’s within range. The KUSTAFF SSID will be renamed to KUEMPLOYEE. KUSTAFF will remain active until all the campus access points are upgraded. The KUW SSID will be phased out after all the campus access points are upgraded but will remain active throughout the transition time.

At the completion of the upgrade, additional instructions will be posted on the IT website ( providing information on how to connect to the upgraded SSIDs.

If you have any questions please contact Viola Sprague, Vice President of Instructional, Administrative, and Information Technology on x9668 or Dan Garcia, Director of IT Operations and Technical Infrastructure on x9752.