Alexandria Petit

Alexandria Petit

Hometown: Waterford, MI

Major: Biochemistry

Co-op Employer: Hurley Medical Center, EPIC

Why I chose Kettering:
I wanted a program that would set me apart from other medical school applicants. The co-op program is going to give me that edge, not only is it experience few others will get to have, but it gives me experience that is applicable to the field I will one day work in.

The best things about Kettering:

  • Co-op program
  • Greek life
  • Small class sizes
  • The wide variety of clubs and organizations gives everyone a chance to make his/her mark on our university

The personal help for pre-med students preparing for the MCAT and medical school applications is amazing, you won't find that at larger universities.

Best advice:
You already have a lot in common with the students who are going to this school, you have all chosen to attend a unique school so take advantage of that common interest. Get involved early, a small school gives you so many opportunities that a larger school just can't. You have an opportunity to graduate ahead of the game, you will be working with adults and getting opportunities and responsibilities other students won’t have until after they finish college. It is your responsibility to make the most out of the opportunities this school gives you!