Competencies for Online Instructors


Why have instructor competencies for online instructors? 

Many factors influence the outcomes of instruction. The instructor4s role in the success of instruction, including learner retention and achievement, is clearly documented. In online learning, this role is even more critical, as the instructor has to help learners overcome potential barriers caused by technology, time, and the way interactions with learners and the instructor occur.

Management of Online Courses


Successful course management begins with the analysis, development, design, implementation, and evaluation of your online course²in other words, successful course management is an iterative process. Once you have your content and its delivery mastered, you can focus on ways to assist student learning²one of the most efficacious ways to engage students is to have a well organized course

Online Teaching


In the traditional college classroom today, faculty and students arrive with a certain set of

expectations, shaped largely by past experiences. And although students may need the occasional (or perhaps frequent) reminder of what’s required of them, there’s usually something

very familiar about the experience for both faculty and students alike.