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Information for property owners

Information for Property Owners

Mandatory Lease Clauses

If you are using a private lease and your rental property is located in Flint, you should ensure that each of these clauses is included before submitting it to Off-Campus Housing for review. The clauses should appear in your lease with the wording, type size and font weight dictated by the relevant statute or ordinance. However, in the event of a discrepancy, please contact the information source for clarification.

For property owners

For Property Owners

Registering with the Kettering  University Off-Campus Housing Program allows you to:

  • Advertise your available units and properties to students;
  • Use our lease forms and inventory checklists; and
  • Access our free conflict resolution and mediation services for property owners and tenants.

Registration Requirements

Resources & forms

Resources & Forms

General Information

  • Renters’ Insurance (pdf)

Forms and Agreements

  • Inventory Checklist (pdf)
  • Roommate Agreement (pdf)
  • Sample Rental Application (pdf)
  • Mandatory Lease Clauses

State of Michigan Resources

Finding a roommate

Finding a Roommate

Whether you’ve already found a roommate or are still looking, it’s important to consider each person’s living style to ensure compatibility. Three months can be a long time if you and your roommate[s] disagree regularly.

We suggest that you talk to your intended or potential roommate/s about each of these important topics. If you and your roommate seem compatible, review and sign the roommate agreement.

Average rental rates (Info gathered from listings; will include CVA & Thompson Hall)

Average Rental Rates

Survey of Off-Campus Rates

Average rental rates are computed from information supplied by property owners and managers. The data is calculated and adjusted as each registered property owner makes changes to his or her rental rates on the Housing Listings website. The Registered Units Average Rental Rates reflect the average rental rates for all registered rental units on the site.

Off Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

New Renter?

Did you know:

  • you could be responsible for utilities, cable and internet separately?
  • that your security deposit cannot legally exceed the cost of 1 1/2 month's rent?

The information and resources provided through this Off-Campus Housing website are designed to assist students who choose to reside in rental properties that are not owned, operated, or maintained by Kettering University.