Medical Physics

Medical Physics

A Student On The JobAt Kettering, the Medical Physics Minor involves 16 credits, encompassing three required courses and one elective. Students interested in the Medical Physics Minor should contact the Physics department




Students In Class

As the world shrinks, professionals come into contact with people from many different cultures—as colleagues, as business partners, as customers and as vendors. An understanding and appreciation of the richness and diversity of the human experience can only help communication and cooperation.

At Kettering, the Literature Minor covers a broad range of topics including


International Studies


A Student On The Job

Everyone says it: business is becoming more global. For today’s student, this means that an understanding of how nations and cultures compare, conflict and cooperate is key. In addition, courses in International Studies teach the kind of critical thinking skills expected of business leaders.

At Kettering, the International Studies Minor covers a broad range of topics including





A Multimedia Classroom

A minor in History offers the kind of insight that helps professionals manage in a complex and changing world. In addition, history is a great training ground for the critical thinking required in Business.

Staff Recognition and Awards

Staff Recognition Awards Program

The Staff Recognition Awards Program, implemented in spring 2009, includes a set of annual staff awards which publicly acknowledge the accomplishments of outstanding staff members in three distinct categories which support the University's vision and mission.