Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Minor

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the design, development, and application of computer systems. The Computer Engineering (CE) program at Kettering University focuses on embedded-computer systems, in which a computer chip, module, or circuit board is built into a larger product or system.

Co-op Experiences

Co-op & Experiential Learning

Kettering students benefit both monetarily and experientially by being employed by one of Kettering’s many co-op companies. Many of our majors are offered permanent employment by our co-op sponsors. Some decide to pursue graduate or medical school. Kettering students alternate between taking classes for 3 months and then they are off to work for 3 months giving them 2.5 years of work experience upon graduation.


Chemistry and Biochemistry Minors

Minor in Chemistry 

  • General Chemistry I (Chem 137) or Principles of Chemistry (Chem 135)
  • Principles of Chemistry Lab (Chem 136)
  • General Chemistry II (Chem 237)
  • General Chemistry II Lab (Chem 238)
  • Organic Chemistry I (Chem 345)
  • Organic Chemistry