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Content Needed

Undergraduate Degrees/Programs

Core Curriculum

The department’s mission is broad but students must take only 8 courses (32 credits) in the department. The program is structured to make maximum use of the limited time that we have to accomplish the purposes of general education. Four courses are broad, introductory courses and are to be taken in the first 2 years of college. These cover communication, economics, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Minor

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the design, development, and application of computer systems. The Computer Engineering (CE) program at Kettering University focuses on embedded-computer systems, in which a computer chip, module, or circuit board is built into a larger product or system.

Course Information

Bioinformatics Curriculum Information

General Education Courses

  • COMM-101: Written & Oral Communication I
  • COMM-301: Written & Oral Communication II
  • ECON-201: Economics Principles
  • HUMN-201: Introduction to the Humanities
  • LS-489: Senior Seminar
  • SSCI-201: Introduction to the Social Sciences
  • Advanced Humanities Elective
  • Advanced Social Science Elective

Biology Courses

Co-op Experiences

Co-op & Experiential Learning

Kettering students benefit both monetarily and experientially by being employed by one of Kettering’s many co-op companies. Many of our majors are offered permanent employment by our co-op sponsors. Some decide to pursue graduate or medical school. Kettering students alternate between taking classes for 3 months and then they are off to work for 3 months giving them 2.5 years of work experience upon graduation.